Sunday, 20 November 2011

What to blog about?

Ever since I got my first comment on this blog (ok, so it was only day before yesterday) I've been wondering what I should blog about. Should I blog about just one thing? Many things? Should I write for myself? For a potential audience? Thinking about this over the last couple of days, I've come up with this: 
  • A 'thought of the day' blog. I have a lot of thoughts in one day. About life. About the universe. About other people. It could potentially keep me going for a while...
  • A diary-type blog. I could write about what happened during my day. Just in case, you know, someone's curious about life in New Zealand.
  • A personal blog. I could copy entries from my microsoft word diary, change people's names and VOILA! Scandal, drama, intrigue (I wish!)...
  • A book review blog. I read a lot of books and I often give (unwelcome) reviews of them to my friends and family. But, hey, someone in the blogsphere could be interested!
  • A mixture of the above. 
  • All of the above.
If anyone's reading this, a little help would be much appreciated! In the meantime, I'll stew over these ideas and pick one... soon...

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