Thursday, 24 November 2011

One more left...!

I wish I had more exciting things to talk about than exams but that is seriously my life at the moment. Just scholarship calculus left though!

The French exam today was so-so. The listening component was quite challenging (but I THINK I got most of it), the reading comprehension was easy (as always) and the writing was fine (although you never can tell with writing in another language). I was freaking out in the last five minutes since I just realised that I'd been using the conditional ending instead of the future endings with 'ils' as a subject. I went through and changed the ones I picked up in my panic but I think I might have missed some. Hopefully there isn't too much difference between 'they will' and 'they would' in the context I used them in...

I should probably mention here that I'm a bit of a nerd and take school quite seriously. I mean, doing well in school isn't too hard if you really put your mind to it and it pretty much guarantees you a good, financially stable future. I'm also planning on being a doctor (yup, maths and sciences are my thing) so I definitely need good grades for that!

Despite that, I do get that school isn't the only 'education' in life. So I'm not just a geek - I do play sports, learn musical instruments and, most importantly, have friends. I guess education is just one of my main values - I mean, after all, 'knowledge is power'!

That said, I'd better practise what I preach and go and do some study for scholarship calculus!

PS. I now have four followers! :D

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