Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Feeling Excited

When was the last time you felt excited? I mean, really and truly felt excited?

Most people have to think hard about his question, casting their minds back days, weeks, months - even years - to a time when they felt genuinely excited about something. Many feel that the pressures of school, work and life in general often leave us with no option but to live life in a mindless routine, with only dreams of the future to keep us going. But, ask yourself, does life really have to be this way?

What I'm trying to say is that why are we waiting for the future to bring us excitement when we can create our own excitement here and now? Admittedly, this took me a while to figure out too. Like a typical teenager, I've been complaining incessantly about how boring life is over the last few months. People would ask me 'What's up?' and I would have nothing to say because, in my opinion, nothing was happening. However, the other day I thought back to what used to make me excited when I was younger, why I used to enjoy school and life so much. And then I realised:

The truth is, the only way you can start to feel excited about life is by appreciating the things you already have. Instead of wasting your time dreaming about what you would do if you, say, won the lotto, think about things you can do today to make life more exciting. Think of school not as a place you are obliged to go to every day but as a place where you can meet people, take opportunities and get an education. Think about how life would be like without school and realise just how lucky you are. Wake up in the morning feeling excited about the day ahead and make sure you do at least one thing special every day (no matter how small it is) to remind you that life really is worth living after all. (For example, this morning, instead of my usual boring breakfast of cereal with milk, I had a muffin and some fruit which I really enjoyed).

From now on, I've decided to appreciate and feel excited about the little things in life first - from sunny days to nice food to time with my friends. So that, if one day I really do win the lotto or go to Italy, I can recall that sense of true euphoria from my childhood days.


  1. Today I feel truely excited. I'm going to wake up tommorow morning and take the first train to new York. I decided on this yesterday. True impulse always get's me excited.

  2. Hi Rachael, thanks so much for commenting! I sort of gave up on this blog because I thought that no one was going to read it! Maybe someone IS listening after all...

    Anyway, your comments have given me the inspiration to keep posting on here. Just a quick question if you have time: what would you like to read about? And how did you find my blog?

    Thanks again!