Sunday, 20 November 2011

Reasons why I love Enchanted

Enchanted is actually one of my very favourite movies. Last night it was on TV and I got to relive the sweetness all over again!   

Anyway, for those of you who haven't seen it, here are some reasons why I love it so much:

1. The flash mob in Central Park! If I had to pick one reason Enchanted is on my list of favourite movies, this would be it. It is just the coolest thing I have ever seen! The setting is beautiful, the props are magical (balloons, flowers, a maypole) and the people are so... vibrant! Bonus points for being ethnically diverse too. You know, I think I'm going to add this to my Bucket List - to be part of a flash mob at least half as cool as this!

2. Amy Adams. Her acting (and singing!) as Giselle comes in a very close second. She doesn't drop character even once and, personally, I think she might actually be a princess! I love the bubbly vibrancy she brought to the role and I think she carried the movie extremely well!
3. Patrick Dempsey. Quite a good looking guy... Enough said. 

4. The songs. In one word - adorable. I'm not a huge fan of people randomly bursting into song but I had to make an exception for Enchanted. 'That's How You Know' is just the sweetest!

5. The animals. Awwww! 


  1. hm. i love this movie too.. Amy Adams is an amazing singer and actress and her voice remind me of disney princesses which I miss. :c

  2. Heya....I loved ENCHANTED too.
    Transported me to a different world.
    Susan Sarandon makes such a deliciously nasty Disney villain :)

  3. @Nenehfer: I totally agree! :)

    @Namz K.: Thanks so much for commenting! Haha, she does indeed - although I can't help but see her sidekick as Peter Pettigrew from Harry Potter. :P